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This blog is to be about various things & stuff in support of me in Second Life and Myst Online.

I have a little shop in the Second Life region Minkartah. If you have an SL account you can visit: Nalates Things & Stuff. This is a privately owned island. A group of Myst fans into RP have built the island, hotel and market. Many of the Myst fans from Uru Live play and work in Minkartah. The market is a regular stop on the Treasure Quest hunts.


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  1. HELP please.
    I am using your wonderful Phoenix viewer for Second Life and recently am having serious camera problems.
    Whenever I log on, even after deleting and re-installing Phoenix, I cannot walk going behind my avatar.
    As I zoom back, I can see myself, but usually am staring at the sky.
    So, from moment logging in, I cannot move close. I have checked Camera settings with other users and that is correct.
    I had RLV but have completely removed all that, including any commands.
    My sister tried her name there too and same happened to her.

    Please help. I have been forced to use Imprudence in meantime. Which is good, but not nearly as good as Phoenix.


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