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Ranking Second Life Blogs

Everyone with a blog is probably interested in where they fit into the scheme of things. For objective opinion see ArminasX Saiman’s Who’s The Biggest? Redux a post about a list of the top blogs for Second Life. Of course to get to the top of any list one must know what criteria are used for ranking. Saiman’s post explains how he came up with his list and some problems with Technorati’s ranking information. These are handy things to know, if one wants their blog to rank well and have lots of readers.

He found Technorati rankings have some problems and as I understand about 10% of the rankings are whacked. He put a bunch of work into preparing the list. Yet, he realizes and states it is not perfect and likely has omissions and mis-rankings. But, it is the authoritative list. And it went obsolete as it was being published. The blogscape changes that fast. So, if you’re not in the top 100 or 600 or whatever, give it a few minutes. Things will change.


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