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Most of us that work with scripts and those that own land have heard Script Limits are coming. For many this is scary as it affects so many things.

Ever wonder what happens to an AV wearing scripted objects that enters an area at its script limit? You might expect your AO to stop working. But vehicles one is ‘sitting’ in may be returned to owner … its undecided. But what if your AO is returned to you also? Hmmmm. Not good. But, that AO return probably won’t happen. You’ll just walk funny.

Not much has been reported lately. Getting information on where Lindens are in the process is difficult.

There are however some places where one can find out what is going on.

Thread on SL Forum:

Babbage Linden is another source of information as he is doing most of the planning. (scroll down for transcript list)

It appears this is not something that will happen soon. It is a complex change and affects many things. I expect the Lindens to be very cautious with the change and the implementation. But we certainly want to be planning now.


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