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  1. I have the same error with the plugin failing however I’m on a mac and the solution won’t help seeing we can’t use exe files. Is there anyone who can point me to the apple or linux plugin and a suggestion on how to place it in the correct area. Due to missing the plugin, I’m unable to use SL search including people.

  2. I am not an expert in computer softer, I am an user. I searched the names (webkit and others) with Google in my desktop and did not find. Who can help me?

    • I am not sure what you are expecting WebKit to be. It is included in the SL Viewer. An old description of it is here: WebKit Meta: A new standard for in-game web content

      In the early version of the SL Viewer 2.0 there were some problems with WebKit as it was used within the SL viewer. That has been corrected. If you are having problems, download a new copy of the latest SL viewer.

      Almost all the problems I saw reported were from various firewalls and anti-virus programs blocking WebKit when it ran from within the viewer. Changing the anti-virus settings corrects the problems. Here is some information on the problem: Secondlife webkit plugin crashes because of WebGuard

  3. I am using Emerald 2270 (Beta) and this is happening, where would the proper patch be for emerald viewer?

  4. I have searched my PC for slplugin.exe, none found. I have tried to add as exception to firewall and antivirus, have to pick from a list of programs, can’t type it in anywhere that I can find. I am running viewer 2, but quicktime has not worked in SL for me for quite some time now. Where do I go to download slplugin.exe?

    • I suggest you try to fix the QuickTime problem as a separate issue.

      Look to see if you can see other files ending in EXE. If not, change your Explorer options and look again.

      You can try downloading and installing Snowglobe. Or reinstall Viewer 2. Both come with the plugin. Also, the Kirsten 20 viewer has a copy of slplugin.exe. My last install of the Kirsten viewer installed a version dated 6/27 and 160,840bytes . There is no version number found in the file itself.

      My current SL 2 Viewer has it as 4/21 and 159,744bytes and no version number.

      Emerald does not yet have MOAP working yet, so skip any slplugin you find in that install.

      The Hippo and Imprudence viewers don’t have it, as far as I can tell.

      Update: the new SL 2.1 July release has a fix for some of the webkit errors.

  5. hey I have the fix!!! Just right click on the slplugin and go to properties and click run in compatible with win 95! i couldnt believe it worked i usually never find out the fixes to these things!! you have no idea how proud i am of myself!!! hope this helps someone!!

    • OMG, Jesica…you are a genius! I did what you said by changing it to be compatible with win 95. It works!

      Thank you very much!

      Mocha =^.^=

    • JESICA you are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      it works, thanks
      p.s. how have you found this solution ???

    • jesica – you’re a star! It’s so good to find someone who knows about computers and can speak user’s language! xx

    • thanks Jesica! worked like a charm!

    • Holy cow, I’d given up on web on a prim on XP64 until I found this.
      I should have thought of it sooned.
      Cheers chuck!

  6. I had just finished speaking with online support. They were completely baffled by the problem (or at least acted as though they were). They felt it must be a problem with my virus protection.

    Then I found this thread with Jessica’s Solution! It works!

    Many, many thanks!

    Wolff Bikcin

  7. Jessica’s solution causes RTSP streams to error.

  8. OK, I tried Jessica’s fix. I updated SL viewer 2, I still get the error. MY OS is Vista. Is anyone else out there that is running Vista get that to work?

    Maybe I have some settings in SL media set up wrong on the land.

  9. I’ve not encountered the streaming errors, JVonD (at least not yet). Victory, be sure you’re altering the right copy of slplugin.exe, if you have multiple viewers on your computer.

    I’ve just spent an hour tracking down any new posts on this problem (SL blogs, independent forums, etc), and while many users appear to be having this problem, I don’t see anything other than the standard reinstall, clean-up, etc etc etc that’s working for anyone.

  10. Will uninstall all but the new viewer 2 and try again. Was unable to find the slplugin.exe in the older viewer. Couldn’t even open the file to look for the folder, it kept trying to reinstall the viewer.


    i had to back up to and older version.
    2.0.1 works for me

  12. I’m guessing u mean 2.0.1 verson of SL, not Quicktime.

  13. Has anyone out there using the Vista OS fixed this problem?

    How do you find the slplugin.exe in Vista to set it Win 95 compatibility?

  14. hiya where do i find gthe sl plugin on my laptop please??x

  15. Worked perfectly on XP.

  16. So I have no idea why this worked, but Jesica’s fix worked perfectly. No more problems with it at all!

    Thanks so much. 🙂

  17. Returned to SL for a visit after 18 months in Blue Mars. Was told I had to download the new viewer 2. Did that, and got this media error when the Viewer booted up. I have XP.

    a) Tried Compatibility mode for Win 95, no change
    b) Tried reinstalling, no change
    c) Tried upgrading to latest Flash Player, no change
    d) Tried adding exception to my AVG antivirus, no change
    e) Tried switching off my antivirus, no change
    f) Tried switching off my Firewall, no change
    g) Now I remember why I left SL for Blue Mars. Constant bugs and problems, no change


  18. Lets hope they find a way to fix this for windows 7 64 bit,
    so far nothing worked.

    • Victory Lilliehook
    • Posted September 28, 2010 at 07:09
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    Yeah, I have tried everything and nothing has worked. So I have completely unintalled Quicktime, no longer have it on my laptop at all for now. Have gone back to the old viewer, no more laggy motion. I also wanted to try Blue Mars, but my system doesn’t have enough GB. I’ll be sure to get enough when I upgrade my system.

  19. Worked like a charm !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting your solution !!!

  20. i have a prob with this media webkit plugin. i cant login and cant find it either please help

    • All the answers I know are in the two blog posts…

  21. yay! @ Jesica – that worked beautifully, I found your comment after an hour of frustration and uninstalling and reinstalling. Big cheers to you!


  22. Was pleased to see so many other people have same problem was beginning to think I was going nuts. Have tried un-installing and reinstalling programs all sorts of things without any luck. Tried the change the plugin to windows 95 compatibly and still having problems, not much good when your a club owner and a DJ so wish SL would sort themselves out it all used to work fine. Anyone out there got any other ideas am using Vista Premium Second Life 1.23.5 (136262) Oct 14 2009 12:08:26 (Second Life Release)latest versions of quicktime and winamp and shoutcast plugin . Please is there anyone out there can help. I get the same problem in all viewers and have tried Snowglobe, Phoenix and several other and removed them all along with any temp files.

  23. Excellent – normally I read through forums and the solutions don’t work – but this did! Thank you Jessica 🙂

  24. Thank you Jessica … I just tried your fix to the media plugin error message and it worked for me too !!! Thank you !

  25. Ola por favor me ajude eu li tudo , mais eu nĂŁo consigo entender me ajuda por favor , me adc no msn
    obrigada *-*

  26. Thsi fix worked great TY so much Jes

  27. The latest upgrade to the Emergence viewer appears to have corrected this problem. The problem was noted in their service files and scheduled for correction in this latest version. Hopefully SL 2.1 and Phoenix will take note.

  28. More good news! The problem appears to have been corrected in the latest upgrade to Phoenix for Windows (Ver. 1.5.2[818]). Checking Win 95 compatibility on slplugin.exe is no longer necessary. Searches work fine, as does streaming video and audio, at least on my machine. And a real fix is always better than a “work-around.”

    If you’re not familiar with Phoenix or other alternative viewers, check out Second Life’s Third Party Viewer Directory:

    Happy Holidays, all!

  29. Jessica’s fix worked brilliantly for me!

  30. JESSICA YOU R THE BEST!!!!!! I have been working on this problem for like 11 hours. I have been trying to reach tech support with no success. You are heaven sent. I LOVE YOU!!!!! WOW I must have downloaded every plugin and its mother lol. SL should give you some kind of prise for this. SL GIVE HER SOMETHING!! ANd get some kind of TECH support number on your website. AHHHHH I am sooooo HAPPY thanks Jess!!!!!:)

  31. I’ve been away from SL for years and when I tried starting it up, it told me to download the SL2 viewer. Fair enough. It downloaded and installed OK, but when I started it, I also saw the missing webkit plugin error. I’m running on Windows XP SP3. Contrary to popular opinion, the plugin is not included in the downloaded viewer, it seems. Any suggestions?

    • Install QuickTime and the Safari browser. That should get you the components you need.

      Also, bookmark the new blog at: WebKit Fail – Help as this one is seldom updated and will eventually disappear.

  32. D’oh! My mistake; I hadn’t read Jesica’s suggestion well enough. Once I set slplugin.exe to Windows 98 compatibility mode (Win 98 was the version I had originally installed SL on) AND I had uninstalled SLim and the older SL, it started up fine.

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