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How to Get Mesh Uploaded to OSGrid

OSGrid Mesh

Mesh OSGrid

OSGrid is supporting mesh now. All one has to do is figure out how to get a mesh uploaded. Most of the viewers do not have the feature. Only the SLV2 Mesh Project viewer has the feature. So, one needs to point that viewer to the OSGrid and give it a try.

Updated 2010-11-24

Getting Started

First thing we need is a copy of the Mesh Project Viewer. You can down load it from the Second Life Support Download page*. You’ll find it under Project viewers. Get it installed and try it out. You may see some pretty kewl meshes in ADITI (the preview or beta grid).

Once you are happy it is working we need a copy of the desktop icon so we can get it pointed toward the OSGrid. Click START and open your Documents, Computer, or other location where you can temporarily save a copy of the icon. You need to shrink the window to something smaller than full screen. Drag a copy of the Project Viewer’s icon  from the desktop to the new location, drop it in and select COPY. Now we have an original and a copy. The copy is the one we’ll change. Right-click it to open it’s Properties.

Viewer Command Line

You may not know you actually use command line options each time you click the icon on your desktop to start; SL, Imprudence, Phoenix, whichever.

The SL Wiki has instructions on how to use the command line options. See: Command Line Options

Typical Command Options

When you open the Properties of the icon there is an entry labeled ‘Target:’. The typical commands are there. The ones I have are:

–channel “Project Viewer – Mesh” – This command overrides the default setting in the viewer. It is used to tell those reading the crash reports which version or project is being tested with this specific viewer. It is not a make or break setting. However, help LL out and be specific. I suggest setting it to: –channel “Proj Vwr Mesh OSGrid”

–grid aditi – This specifies the grid to connect to and it can be an IP address. If you look in viewers with grid managers you can find the settings for most of the popular grids. For OSGrid this is an optional command. I suggest omitting it.

Update – Omitting grid worked for awhile. But, I have since had to add it in. Use –grid OSGrid

–helperuri – This command provides the viewer a link to the help pages. For OSGrid use: –helperuri

–settings settings_aditi_projectviewer-mesh.xml – This command tells the viewer to use an alternate set of user settings. This needs to change if you want to use different settings in SL and OSGrid. I suggest you change it to –settings settings_osg_projectviewer-mesh.xml

–set InstallLanguage en – This sets the language. For this test viewer do not change it. You can try, but some of the new dialogs for mesh have not yet been translated. So, the results of a change may not be usable. However, there is a limit to how long a string can be for an icon command line. So, take this entry out. You will need the space. Shorten other commands is you can.

That is the end of the settings LL is using for their test. We need additional change. Add these;

-loginuri – This is needed to reach OSGrid and login.

-loginpage – This changes your splash page, which usually has login help and other pertinent news.

Update – I ran into the problem of the command line being longer than what would fit in the Target field. I shorten the name of the program folder by renaming it to: C:\Program Files\SecLifeProjVwrMesh. This change requires you change the Start in: field too. Also your regular link to use the viewer in SL has to have this change too.

Update – I have also added –purge to reduce problems I ran into using the viewer on both SL and OSGrid.


With these changes you should be good to go. It got me into OSGrid with the project viewer. The image here is the first mesh I imported.

I’ve tried it and it works. So, I can attest that the main OSGrid does support mesh. \o/

*The link in the SL Blogrum does not update to the newest Mesh Project Viewer. However there is a ‘nightly build’ version one can get. Latest SL Mesh Project Viewer – Consider this is NOT the stable viewer. It works for me.



  1. Awesome. I’m going to try this at the weekend.

    • I seem to be getting an error from the OAR backup process with a mesh in the region. I’ll have to confirm and then file a JIRA.

  2. The mesh code from the SL viewer is now up at

    Hopefully some TPV dev can get this integrated into one of the TP Viewers such as Imprudence or Hippo or whatever.

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