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I got into playing in Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) by playing the Myst series of games, a series of mostly single player adventure/puzzle games. In the series was Myst Online Uru Live (MOUL), which was Cyan Worlds, Inc’s attempt at a multiplayer game. Ubisoft and GameTap both tried to run the game and discontinued it because it could not maintain player interest and financial support. From seeing what I think is a neat game fail I became interested in what makes a game work and popular. Monday there is an opportunity to learn about game development. 

Dustin Writer, of Metanomics, is hosting a panel made up of game designers on Monday, Nov 22. Second Life residents may recognize the designers’ names, Oni Horan, Colin Nilsson, and Tony Walsh.

The meeting will be held in Second Life Monday Nov 22 at noon pacific time at the Metanomics Studio. To attend or later watch a video of the meeting visit: Metanomics Studio. Instructions for getting into Second Life and the studio, as well as finding videos, are on the page. (Past shows)

It is also possible to watch the meeting via streaming video from Metanomics web site.

Past interviews available cover virtual world law and copyrights.



  1. Thanks, Nalates for the post! Hope you can join us.

  2. Speaking of games:

    A couple of gaming enthusiasts and I are trying to get the server-side NPC code implemented on OpenSim. So far we have succeeded in getting an NPC to rezz, to speak, to animate and to move on 0.6.9. We are currently in the process of trying to port our work to the 0.7 version of OpenSim.
    The plan is to beef up the gaming side of OpenSim so it can work as a fully functional roleplaying system with monsters like WoW or LOTR or zombies etc. Our efforts will be released into the public domain when we have it working.
    Which will be real soon now.

    • I’m looking forward to that… thx for commenting.

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