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There is soooo much misinformation out about Display Names. I think it also reveals how few Second Life residents actually know how to research anything about SL. That they are willing to post their imaginings, without any checking, in forums and blogs is even more … choose your own adjective here. Sheeesh…

Jessica Lyons wrote a post on the Phoenix Viewer web site/blog that does a good job of getting the facts stated clearly. She provides good information on how to use them in world and for logging into the web sites and grid. She covers how to use older series 1 viewers with the new Display Names. She also points out the eventual coming end to Phoenix Viewers as they move to their series 2 viewer Firestorm Viewer.

See: Display Names and new SL Account names explained…

Also if you use the URL you may find the URL much nicer to use. The first URL cannot be added to an RSS subscription. The second one can.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂



  1. “I think it also reveals how few Second Life residents actually know how to research anything about SL.”

    I think it reveals more about Linden Lab’s inability to communicate effectively with their customers. Those pesky, pesky, customers.

    • Lab employees are more tech geeks than they are communicators. So, your point is valid in that they don’t make it as easy as possible. But, the information is out there and I am finding it. Google has most of it indexed too.

      When one make statements, especially when they tend to be detrimental or slanderous or libelous, it is the responsibility of the one making the statement to get it right. While the Lab employees could make it easier for those going off half-cocked, as my dad says, it is not the Lab that is responsible for what those people write or say.

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