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Oh geez… I’m an AV from Uru Live, my first MMO and virtual world experience. I was in MO:UL, Myst Online: Uru Live, the 2007-2008 reincarnation of Uru Live. When GameTap dropped the MMO verion of the game I moved to Second Life as a D’ni Refugee.

In Second Life I became interested in building things, i.e., clothes buildings, scripts. I am finishing a vending machine for use in Second Life that will save store owners tons in tier fees. A Beta model went on sale March 2009 and the retail version in May 2009. You can see my XStreet stuff here: Second Life Vending Machines

I am building my first house in SL. I work with the Explorers Community Research & Development group in SL. We are exploring the limits of what can be done in SL and how to push things to the limit.

I am watching the various Myst-Uru recreations being built in SL. These are getting more impressive over time. IM me in-world for info on these… there are links to most and info in this blog… but for questions comment here or IM me.

Playing and having fun.


In general I write posts because I like to write and think some of the information will help out friends. However, I do write for commercial services and write paid reviews. Any post that is written for hire or for which I receive any form of compensation is clearly marked as such.


  1. I like your blog, it is informative and very well writtten. Once i started reading it I couldn’t stop. Congratulations on the things you have accomplished. I wanted to write to add my comments to some of the things that were said about the Emerald viewer.
    I recently downloaded the Emerald Viewer to learn how to use it in order to answer questions from the girls who work at our SL business. I’ve used it for only a few days and it is a good viewer.
    It has one critical drawback in that residents using the regular LL viewer do not see you as you see yourself or as other Emerald viewers do. Residents work very hard at making their avatar look incredible only to have it spoiled by errant bits jewellry or equipment being in an unintended spot, like sticking out of your face or leg or most unfortunately the clit that followed me around from the time I added it to the second attachment point or the bracelets that insisted on sticking out of my leg. I could see none of these things myself.
    Less importantly, it has a tendancy to drop bits of pieces here and there. Residents using the regular viewer find backpacks, chains, again jewellry lying about actually hanging in the air throughout the sim. when clicked on for identity the pieces belong to that avatar 50 or more metres away. Thank goodness the pieces leave when the avatar does.
    Emerald has become very popular very quickly, but, let’s face it there are still more people in the regular or other viewers. This one is not ready for primetime until items on the second attachment points are hidden from the regular viewer or Emerald takes over the world.
    I suppose if you don’t care that your “put together” look for the big party can only be appreciated by the less than 25% (informal survey …in other words, just looking around) of the people you see there using Emerald or that the remainder are seeing you with a ring or bracelet sticking out of your forehead, stomach, leg or arm, then this is the viewer for you.
    I’ve returned to the regular viewer but will keep Emerald around because i need to see how it reacts with other things. Like the myriad of restraint and control devices not currently able to handle double attachment points. A review of a few of them showed that they could not recognize any of the second attachment points.

    • In a later post I pointed out that the extra attachment points are only for Emerald users. I also pointed out some minor problems with Xcite attachments.

      Emerald has its problems, no doubt. They change with each release. One must consider it a Beta version viewer.

      I switch between Emerald and Kirsten’s S18 viewer. I prefer Emerald for general use and building. I prefer S18 for combat/rp sims because of its high FPS rates and I like it for Myst-Uru photography.

  2. Just like me to forget something in the original post.
    I also found the whole OTR issue and the way it messes up IM with various messages about the recipient not getting the message or it being resent or any of the plethora of messages it seems to generate.
    Why screw up the viewer with this nonsense, it really should be a non-issue.
    I wonder what percentage of the residents of SL were really worried about this issue. Looks like Marketing to me, as in “Let’s find an issue that makes us special”

  3. Very amezing good done page,much info’s,helps very much.Thank you so much ! Hugs n Kisses !!!

  4. Nat, I hope you can help because I don’t know where else to get a straight forward answer without spending all day looking for something that looks like my problem(which is how I found you) I can not login to second live. I am getting the error message that media plugin has failed media-plugin-webkit. I read what was suggested but I didn’t have any idea what anyone was talking about. Is there any easy was to explain how to fix this. Second Life Help is helpless or I just don’t know how to navigate it. Well any way I’m probable just wasting more time but I thought Id give you a try.

    • I can’t tell if you mean you have read and tried the fixes here (Media Plugin Webkit Fail) or not. Also, you haven’t stated which operating system or viewer you are using. So, I can only guess.

      There are lots of links in the two articles. Between them and my articles you should be able to fix it. If you are a computer novice, I’m probably not as helpful as you would like. But, there are lots of tutorials on the Internet about things like doing a system restore, so I’m not going to write another how to do Windows. Your on your own there.

      You may find the easiest fix is to install the Safari viewer. It uses WebKit and will cleanup and add parts you may be missing. I suggest you uninstall your SL viewer then manually delete all the related files. See Second Life Viewer Crashes While Starting for some steps to do that. Re-install the viewer then install Safari. With any luck you’ll be fixed.

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