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Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer has a new version released today, The release notes are part of the announcement. See: DolphinViewer

New Stuff

Nothing really earth shaking is in this new release. This version has support for the new group limits. The proposed 40 group limit anticipated for Second Life and the higher group limits for other grids like OpenSim. The actual limit is set server side. At login the viewer gets the group limit and adapts. So, you are likely to see different limits in different worlds. Read More »



This install was like a first time install as I had previously removed Dolphin Viewer because of problems I had. The viewer worked well on initial start up. Since the viewer now uses its own settings file all my settings were the defaults. That included the cache location using the SL default location. I changed the cache location before logging on and restarted the viewer.


Once logged in I went through setting my preferences, external web browser, my chat color, stack IM’s vertically, hide tp progress, build tool decimals (4), close chat on return, and uncheck arrow keys always move avatar… boring stuff.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer 1.5.40 Released

Dolphin Viewer has a new release out. This viewer is becoming popular. It has even come up a couple of times in the LL and TPV circles. The release notes published on the Dolphin Viewer blog are informative and easily read. See: Dolphin Viewer

Separate Settings

Phoenix began using a separate cache by default and separating out more of their files. I think Dolphin Viewer is the first to use separate settings files. As Lance says, this will stop cross talk between the settings Dolphin is using and changes made in an SLV.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

Good way to start the month, release a new version of one’s viewer. The Dolphin blog announced today the release of version 38. It seems the build numbers common in other developments is not used in Dolphin versioning, as I over looked last Dolphin update.

Get your copy here: Dolphin Viewer

Interesting New Features

Of course ‘interesting’ means interesting to me. There are other updates, additions, and fixes that I haven’t mentioned. See the link above.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

The Dolphin Viewer (3627) has been updated to use Display Names and fix several general SL problems. The version number did not change. However, in Help -> About the version date did change, Nov 21 2010 13:50:52 (Dolphin Viewer).

Also a problem encountered when using the viewer on OpenSim has been fixed. Several viewers would crash when double clicking a texture while on OpenSim. The problem was also found in several other viewers including the SLV2.

In some viewers there has been a problem with the viewer crashing if you turn your avie in a 360 degree turn, spinning in place. Swinging the viewer to see new areas can cause crashes. Dolphin does NOT have that problem.

The release announcement is here: Dolphin Viewer and includes link to downloads.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer Logo

On the 21st the Dolphin Viewer made the Third Party Viewer (TPV) List. Congrats. So, it is probably time to take a look at this viewer.

I like blue colors so I think the web site is pretty, Dolphin Viewer Web Site/Blog. Bug reports are to be made in the Dolphin Viewer Forum. The forum is new, so there is not much there. The Dolphin Viewer Download page has instructions for installation; it’s different so pay attention. Linux, Mac, and Windows versions are available. Source code is available; links are on the download page.

Warning: The developer can’t test Mac versions. So, you may find problems in the Mac version that are not visible to the developer. Your feedback would be helpful, if you’re into helping.

In the viewer’s ToS is the information that the Dolphin Viewer is based on Henri Beauchamp’s “Cool VL Viewer” and ported to the Snowglobe 1.4 code base. That makes this a Second Life Viewer 1 (SLV1) series viewer. Some of the dialogs still refer to the viewer as Snowglobe. Read More »

The Second Life Wiki just updated with information about a new viewer named Dolphin Viewer. I guess formerly named Frozenglobe. The site for it has a blog here: Dolphin Viewer Blog

The development team is; Aimee Trescothick, Aleric Inglewood, Boroondas Gupte, Carjay McGinnis, Dale Glass, Gigs Taggart, Henri Beauchamp, Jacek Antonelli, Kitty Barnet, Lance Corrimal (team leader? And real life name), McCabe Maxsted, Michelle2 Zenovka, Mm Alder, Nicholaz Beresford, Robin Cornelius, Zi Ree, and Zwagoth Klaar.

Apparently an application has been made for TPV Listing. I don’t see the viewer in the list yet. But, discussions were on going as LL asked the name be changed and Dolphin was found acceptable.

Update: 2010-09-26 – The Dolphin Viewer is now in the TPV Directory. It was added 2010-09-21.

This viewer is based on the Snowglobe 1.5 code base. Read More »