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KirstenLee S20 Logo

KirstenLee S2

KirstenLee has released a new version of her viewer.  See: Kirstens S20(45).exe.

KirstenLee didn’t say much about this viewer and I’m not finding the (45) release notes. Her brief description of the changes is the adding of all the Mesh and Viewer fixes available from Linden Lab.

Kirsten also expects this to be the last release before a version change over to S21, which will have her new render engine. It will be interesting to see how it performs.  Read More »


Kirsten has released version (44) of the KL Viewer. There isn’t a lot I can say about the viewer. KirstenLee explained the changes in this viewer on her blog. I’m just downloading it.

This is a bloody bleeding edge viewer. You have been warned.

The big changes, to me, are in the render pipeline and image decompression. The render pipeline seems to be diverging from SL’s. You still get an image on your screen, so for most people the changes are too abstract. However, I think this is an exciting direction. Having features and different user interfaces is something users can see and feel. Having a new render pipeline could radically change the viewer’s performance.  Read More »

KirstenLee has a new release of her viewer out. This one seems to have run up against the lack of support Apple provides for 3D rendering. Users on Mac OS 10.4 and earlier will likely have problems. However the Windows and Linux versions are out. See: Apple Issues… :/

I’m downloading the viewer and will try it out later today.

The release notes show KirstenLee has upgrade the code for Mac OS 10.6. The Depth of Field feature the Lindens are adding as a by-product of fixing Anti-Aliasing has been added with user interface controls for it. The mesh object count has been updated. Some other techie fixes and upgrades.

Still no mesh upload. But, the viewer renders mesh.

KirstenLee (42)

Mesh in Kirsten S20(42)

Today S20(42) was released. A couple of days ago I was wondering what was up with the (42) release I saw come up in my RSS feed. By the time I got around to looking at the blog the article was gone. Today Kirsten explained what happened, basically a change of mind. Kirsten decided the version was too buggy to be out.

We are also warned that this release is likely to be buggy. This version, while not appearing dramatically different, is a big change. The entire viewer has been stripped down and redone as a combination of the Mesh Project Viewer and the version 2.5.x viewer code was incorporated.  Read More »

KirstenLee S20 Logo

KirstenLee Viewer

Update: 2010-11-03: Be sure to click more

I think Kirsten’s viewer is probably the most advanced viewer currently out. I’m not saying it has the most power user features. But, it has the most SLV2 features working, and working as well or better than Linden Lab’s SLV2.2. I’m just now downloading this viewer and have yet to try it.

See the first round announcement in Kirsten’s blog: KirstenLee S20 Build 41 (Release)

Read More »

Updated 2010-10-21

KirstenLee has a new version out; (40) . This version has lots of changes in user controls. It also is up to date with the Snowstorm Project.

It is a little hard to know exactly what ‘up to date’ means. (Kirsten commented below) In Snowstorm there is a stable viewer, a beta viewer, a development viewer and two project viewers. Kirsten says Display Names code is in the viewer. That is from a project viewer. But, nothing is said about mesh.   Read More »

KirstenLee has not released a new version. However, a teaser is up for version (40). It shows the new live chat system.

May be I missed something in the Snowstorm meetings. Improving chat has been there, but I don’t remember a new chat and  interface coming.

Whatever, check it out here: Kirsten S20(40) Viewer Soon…


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KirstenLee S20


KirstenLee has released viewer S20(39). It has taken longer than usual to get to this release. KirstenLee explains it is the number of changes made to this viewer that have taken time. Kirsten lists 39 of the changes. If you read the review on the latest SL Beta Viewer, you know Linden Lab made literally hundreds of changes in that viewer and a number of those were to the user interface.

Up to version 38 multiple core CPU’s were optional. With this release at least a dual core CPU is required. Older computers, as in older than 3 years, are just not going to run this version of the KirstenLee S20 viewer, often referred to as KL20. Read More »

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KirstenLee S20

Today KirstenLee announced putting out the standard release versions of the S20(38) viewer. The post precedes posting of the download files. The various platform downloads will appear today as they get to them. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions will be posted. See: S20 Build 38 – ReleaseAs I write this the windows release is up.

KirstenLee has begun providing optimized versions of the viewer for specific hardware. There is a single download. To take advantage of the optimizations one must rename a file in the install folder. So, may be I should say they providing optimized versions of OpenJPEG.dll. Kirsten is now making versions of the file with SSE2 and 3 optimization and some versions only run on dual core2 Intel CPU’s and higher end graphics cards. Read More »

KirstenLee S20 Logo

KirstenLee S20

KistenLee has released a new test viewer. This one is especially for higher end computers and is classed a Test Build. Download it from the Test Build section of KirstenLee’s site.

S20(37) is the current main release.

One needs a Dual Core2 or better and at least a 8800 GPU or better to run the new test viewer. The code is optimized for SSE3 and GPU compute capabilities for OpenCL/Cuda.

This version contains lots of bux fixes and the addition for more Project Snowstorm code. Support for the nVidia 450 chip was added.
This should be a fun viewer to use. More later. Later… Read More »