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This was just recently (hours ago) announced on Twitter. They give a link to the download page, which doesn’t really say anything about Beta 2… duh. But, the beta link does lead to version 2.4.0(216393), which they are calling Beta 2. This appears to be the Dec 3rd release announced on the blog days ago. But, on December 3rd I blogged about the 2.4.0(215891) Beta release, which is Beta 1. You would never know there was a change by looking at the blog or download page.  Read More »


KirstenLee has a new release of her viewer out. This one seems to have run up against the lack of support Apple provides for 3D rendering. Users on Mac OS 10.4 and earlier will likely have problems. However the Windows and Linux versions are out. See: Apple Issues… :/

I’m downloading the viewer and will try it out later today.

The release notes show KirstenLee has upgrade the code for Mac OS 10.6. The Depth of Field feature the Lindens are adding as a by-product of fixing Anti-Aliasing has been added with user interface controls for it. The mesh object count has been updated. Some other techie fixes and upgrades.

Still no mesh upload. But, the viewer renders mesh.

Note: This is a ‘unfinished’ article. But it will get you the information I have learned from using this new release. So, far it seems pretty nice.


Version 1.5.2(725) has a slightly different installer than most viewers. It is more like most application installers. The default is to install in the folder Phoenix Viewer. This is the folder previous versions have used. So, it over writes the previous 373 version.

In the release announcement the team warns this viewer is a drastic… significant… change from the previous viewers. They ask everyone link to the announcement so users can be warned to check out the tutorials and manual the team has been building in the wiki. So, for a download visit:

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Snowstorm Project

We have a new Beta version out. See the announcement:  Try Out the New Viewer 2.4 Beta, Now Available. Jack Linden posted the news today.


This new feature is included in this Beta release. I’ve been watching it coming through Snowstorm this week. It will be interesting to see how well it works… or not. The idea here being that viewer updates will download in background. At your next logon you will be asked if you want to install the upgrade. You have a choice.

This should make the process of updating a viewer much simpler for non-techs and less tedious for power users.  Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix View

The Phoenix team posted an announcement today. Some time ago they said there would be one more release of Phoenix before they moved on to the Firestorm viewer, which will be based on Snowstorm code. Well, they say the new release of Phoenix will be out this Friday. See Nov 30th Office Hour & Contest info

Video Tutorials

Jessica Lyons talked about the coming release in’s Phoenix Hour. The first announcement is about the creation of a YouTube series of video tutorials in Phoenix’s Channel. The first ones will cover multi-wearables and inventory links. There are two videos up as I write. One is about the new Parcel Windlight Settings. More about that later. The other is about Display Names and more about that too.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

Good way to start the month, release a new version of one’s viewer. The Dolphin blog announced today the release of version 38. It seems the build numbers common in other developments is not used in Dolphin versioning, as I over looked last Dolphin update.

Get your copy here: Dolphin Viewer

Interesting New Features

Of course ‘interesting’ means interesting to me. There are other updates, additions, and fixes that I haven’t mentioned. See the link above.  Read More »

KirstenLee (42)

Mesh in Kirsten S20(42)

Today S20(42) was released. A couple of days ago I was wondering what was up with the (42) release I saw come up in my RSS feed. By the time I got around to looking at the blog the article was gone. Today Kirsten explained what happened, basically a change of mind. Kirsten decided the version was too buggy to be out.

We are also warned that this release is likely to be buggy. This version, while not appearing dramatically different, is a big change. The entire viewer has been stripped down and redone as a combination of the Mesh Project Viewer and the version 2.5.x viewer code was incorporated.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

The Dolphin Viewer (3627) has been updated to use Display Names and fix several general SL problems. The version number did not change. However, in Help -> About the version date did change, Nov 21 2010 13:50:52 (Dolphin Viewer).

Also a problem encountered when using the viewer on OpenSim has been fixed. Several viewers would crash when double clicking a texture while on OpenSim. The problem was also found in several other viewers including the SLV2.

In some viewers there has been a problem with the viewer crashing if you turn your avie in a 360 degree turn, spinning in place. Swinging the viewer to see new areas can cause crashes. Dolphin does NOT have that problem.

The release announcement is here: Dolphin Viewer and includes link to downloads.  Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

The Phoenix team is doing a Phoenix Hour on Rezzed.TV. One gets lots of good information. It does take an hour and there are commercials. All in all rezzed.TV does a good show. You should check one out. Here I’ve included some of the points that interested me.

Phoenix Viewer Top Issues

There are 4 main support issues the Phoenix Support team is seeing. The main one they named ‘Bake Fail’. The symptoms are you appearing nude to yourself or others when you are dressed. Also, when changing cloths you look OK to yourself but to others you are still wearing the previous clothes.  Read More »

An announcement has been posted on the Imprudence Blog that the weekend of November 21 they will be changing to their new name, Kokua. They say this will mean the Imprudence web site will be down. I suppose gone is more accurate.

Related sites like the forum, wiki, and download will remain up but it is unclear which URL will get you to them and when. However, they plan to implement domain forwarding so you should end up in the right place.

They say the login ID/passwords for the forum and wiki will remain the same. If you use ‘Remember Me’ cookies to login, those are going to break. Domain name changes do that. You should probably check that you still know your password.