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Phoenix Viewer

Release 818

A couple of hours after I noticed the release notes being put up the downloads were announced on the Phoenix blog. The release announcement is here: Final Major Release! And here: SSE windows Bug. Ouch.

The Bug

Update: About 3:03 PM SLT 12/22 the fix 818A was released.

This is a two part bug. If you have a newer computer (no more than 3 years old) then you are likely not affected. This is a problem with computer CPU’s. You have probably been messing with computers long enough to know the CPU is the heart and brain of the computer. As time passes more abilities are built into the CPU, they are taught new tricks. SSE is one of those tricks. Older computers, CPU’s, can’t do the trick and newer ones can.  Read More »


A new release of Phoenix is near. The release notes are going up as I write.

This version will have full Display Name support. Both 725 and the coming 818 have support for 40 groups. Linden Lab has yet to turn on more groups in the SIM software so don’t get excited… you are still stuck with 25 groups. Only a few SIM’s in Aditi (preview grid) are enabled for more than 25 groups. But, when enabled this viewer has support for more groups.

Voice problems are said to be fixed. Viewer lockups have been worked on and there should be fewer of them. Media fixes are in this release. The ‘Failed to initialize…’ error on launch is supposed to be fixed. This download will have both a SSE and SSE2 download. There was confusion around how 725 handled SSE.  Webkit part has some updates. Changed how textures in the cache are purged, which should avoid some lockups.

This will be a welcome release as combat and RP games using DCS2 have run into problems with SLV2.4. Some are recommending a change to Phoenix or Imprudence.

Wait for it…

Note: This is a ‘unfinished’ article. But it will get you the information I have learned from using this new release. So, far it seems pretty nice.


Version 1.5.2(725) has a slightly different installer than most viewers. It is more like most application installers. The default is to install in the folder Phoenix Viewer. This is the folder previous versions have used. So, it over writes the previous 373 version.

In the release announcement the team warns this viewer is a drastic… significant… change from the previous viewers. They ask everyone link to the announcement so users can be warned to check out the tutorials and manual the team has been building in the wiki. So, for a download visit:

Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix View

The Phoenix team posted an announcement today. Some time ago they said there would be one more release of Phoenix before they moved on to the Firestorm viewer, which will be based on Snowstorm code. Well, they say the new release of Phoenix will be out this Friday. See Nov 30th Office Hour & Contest info

Video Tutorials

Jessica Lyons talked about the coming release in’s Phoenix Hour. The first announcement is about the creation of a YouTube series of video tutorials in Phoenix’s Channel. The first ones will cover multi-wearables and inventory links. There are two videos up as I write. One is about the new Parcel Windlight Settings. More about that later. The other is about Display Names and more about that too.  Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

The Phoenix team is doing a Phoenix Hour on Rezzed.TV. One gets lots of good information. It does take an hour and there are commercials. All in all rezzed.TV does a good show. You should check one out. Here I’ve included some of the points that interested me.

Phoenix Viewer Top Issues

There are 4 main support issues the Phoenix Support team is seeing. The main one they named ‘Bake Fail’. The symptoms are you appearing nude to yourself or others when you are dressed. Also, when changing cloths you look OK to yourself but to others you are still wearing the previous clothes.  Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

I had lots of problems with Phoenix 225. So, I’ve been looking forward to Phoenix’s next release. Yesterday I was reading the Phoenix Release Notes/Change Log and looking all over for the 373 download. They put it up today. This version is much nicer.

Download Size – The first Phoenix I used was in the 40+ mb range, and 225 was 33 mb. This release is down to 28 mb.


The install remembers your settings and your cache location setting. Yay!

WARNING: On the download page they advise you to clear your cache before logging in. This means open the Phoenix viewer, click Edit->Preferences->[Network] and click Clear Cache. Then close the viewer. The cache clears on the next viewer start. Read More »

The change log for is up. I have not yet seen the actual download. So, it is not like I can download the viewer and run it. The download page is still showing release 225. But, we can see what is coming.

Phoenix Viewer Release Notes – Update: 2010-10-05 – released today. Phoenix Viewer Download

Additions to the viewer: Read More »

Bunches of people have had problems getting Phoenix to run. Actually regardless of which viewer you use you are likely having problems. Tuesday Linden Lab rolled out a server upgrade, so hopefully some of the problems will stop.

For those having problems there are two things to consider. The Phoenix Viewer Wiki article: Troubleshooting and Quick Fixes. The other is the Phoenix Viewer Additional Downloads.

Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

Updated: 8:00 PM

A new release of the Phoenix Viewer is out. This release fixes lots of problems. It takes some time for a new team to get things together and get organized. This release says much about the team coming together and stabilizing the viewer.

Jessica Lyon has published a blog article that contains the release notes and a new features list. See: Some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is a couple of team members are leaving. Seems there is a disagreement about how the team is to be run. That is not an ideal way to start off. But, this may just be a new team shaking out and people learning who they want to work beside. As time passes we’ll learn if this is just a startup issue or a more pathological issue. Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Logo

LSL is the Linden Scripting Language. This is the scripting language used to program everything in Second Life. Advanced programmers are used to having libraries of code that can be used in several programs. No provision is made in Linden viewers to provide this feature. Emerald had a Preprocessor that provided programmers the feature. Phoenix has now added the feature.

Toy Wylie has added a section to the Second Life Wiki on what the feature is, how to setup, how it works, an explanation of the “optimized” nature of this preprocessor, and much more.

Find it here: Wiki: Phoenix LSL Preprocessor Info