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Today Jessica Lyon announced the Phoenix viewer is now on the Third Party Viewer (TPV) List. Congratulations!

See: Second Life Viewers and the Third-Party Viewer Directory and Phoenix is on the TPVD by Jessica.

I see that two other viewers are on the list since I last looked. One is Ascent. The other is Emergence.

All of these viewers are based on Snowglobe 1.4 and 1.5 code for now.

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Logo

Updated 2010-09-04

I think many of us were expecting something like this. Jessica Lyon is heading up a team to build a TPV (Third Party Viewer). The name… Phoenix Viewer… ok… it is not that novel but it certainly is appropriate. See the announcement here:  From the ashes….

The new team currently consists of; Dakun Flux, Dimentox Travanti, Jessica Lyon, Kitty Barnett, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Wickman Gibbs. We are told more are to come.

They have a web site up, incomplete… very incomplete. One can get a copy of the Phoenix Viewer ( there now.  I downloaded my copy. This viewer is based on the Emerald Viewer code and that on Snowgobe 1.5. Their plan is to move quickly to the Snowstorm code base, which is the SLV2 code base and the future of SL viewers. We may yet get a good interface for SLV2 improvements. Read More »