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Second Life Viewer Changes

Alternate Appearance Editor?

Over the last 10 days there have been some changes to the SLV2 and a number of bug fixes. Here are the interesting ones. Some of which have been fixed and some are still in progress. What is now in 2.4 production viewer and what is in 2.5 test builds is unclear. If you hit one of thse problems check the JIRA I have included to see where it is as things change quickly.  Read More »

This was just recently (hours ago) announced on Twitter. They give a link to the download page, which doesn’t really say anything about Beta 2… duh. But, the beta link does lead to version 2.4.0(216393), which they are calling Beta 2. This appears to be the Dec 3rd release announced on the blog days ago. But, on December 3rd I blogged about the 2.4.0(215891) Beta release, which is Beta 1. You would never know there was a change by looking at the blog or download page.  Read More »


Snowstorm Project

We have a new Beta version out. See the announcement:  Try Out the New Viewer 2.4 Beta, Now Available. Jack Linden posted the news today.


This new feature is included in this Beta release. I’ve been watching it coming through Snowstorm this week. It will be interesting to see how well it works… or not. The idea here being that viewer updates will download in background. At your next logon you will be asked if you want to install the upgrade. You have a choice.

This should make the process of updating a viewer much simpler for non-techs and less tedious for power users.  Read More »

Today Linden Lab’s Jack Linden posted the new standard viewer is now version 2.3.0-214726. Logging on I find it is not yet mandatory for 2.2.0 users. Those using 1.23 and TPV’s will be able to continue using those viewers. However, because Display Names are part of this release how one uses the 3 input fields in older viewers is now an issue.


The download is really fast. The file is still 24mb and my connection has not changed, according to my speed tests, so the Lindens have done something different.

Many people are having a problem getting this version to run. To make sure it works, uninstall all your SL Viewers, Beta, Development, Projects, and previous SLV2 version. I don’t plan to ever use the 1.23 again so I removed it too. Manually remove all the SL Viewer related folders (local, roaming, and program files). Install 2.3.0 and then reinstall the Beta or any other SL Viewers you use and it should work.

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Snowstorm Project

If you don’t already know, the Snowstorm Project is the SL Viewer (SLV) development project. There are several things currently going on that will affect new releases of the viewer. These are the ones I found interesting.

Prim Alignment Tool

Many of you have seen the Qarl Fizz Prim Alignment Tool that is now starting to appear in TPV’s. It is in the Imprudence Experimental viewer. It is great. See: Qarl Fizz Prim Alignment Tool

Because of some technicalities about signing agreements and code licensing it appears Linden Lab cannot just ‘use’ the code. So, whether they are going to talk to Qarl and come to some agreement or write their own version of alignment has not been decided. Whatever, the feature is in the backlog. You can vote for the feature here: STORM-468 Add Qarl Fizz Prim Alignment Code to SLV2

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The new SL 2.3 Beta version viewer is out. You can read the official release information here.

Display Names

The big change is the addition of Display Names. There is a Torley video at the link above showing how to use Display Names.

While the viewer has the feature not all the regions have it turned on. The Lab is being cautious rolling it out. They made changes from user input. Griefing and impersonation being the leading concerns.  Read More »

The newer SLV2’s, since the Display name versions, use a new chat/IM log format. The previous logs have been plan text files. The LLSD type files are basically a type of XML file. There are advantages and disadvantages to changing the format. Whether or not it is a good thing for you, the change is here.  Read More »

How to Get Mesh Uploaded to OSGrid

OSGrid Mesh

Mesh OSGrid

OSGrid is supporting mesh now. All one has to do is figure out how to get a mesh uploaded. Most of the viewers do not have the feature. Only the SLV2 Mesh Project viewer has the feature. So, one needs to point that viewer to the OSGrid and give it a try.

Updated 2010-11-24

Getting Started

First thing we need is a copy of the Mesh Project Viewer. You can down load it from the Second Life Support Download page*. You’ll find it under Project viewers. Get it installed and try it out. You may see some pretty kewl meshes in ADITI (the preview or beta grid).

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SL Viewer 2.2

Avatar Menu

With the new 2.x viewers in Second Life lots has changed. Editing one’s appearance is one of the big changes. I have yet to decide of it is better or worse. Whichever, it certainly is different. This is my attempt to sort out how appearance works. I expect the viewer to change quite a bit over the next few weeks.

Getting into the Editor

In the 1.x viewers (SLV1) it was easy to find the editor, just right-click the avatar and select Edit Appearance. Everything is there. I guess it could be intimidating.

In the Second Life 2.x viewers (SLV2) the logic for getting into Appearance Edit changes. The process is more goals oriented. For techie types familiar with computers the idea that one wants to change a dress or their shape means look for an avatar editor. Less geeky types probably don’t think of looking for an avatar editor, they just want to change the dress. The Lab did usability testing and supposedly this was a significant problem. I just don’t know. Read More »