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The minutes from Mesh Office Hours Meeting are out. This time they were placed on the blogrum as well as the Wiki. See Mesh Office Hours 10-25-2010 for the full transcript. I’ve covered the parts I think are interesting.  Read More »


How to Contact and Influence Linden Lab


Second Life

Linden Lab Support


I see lots of posts in the Second Life Forum that are directed at Linden Lab staff. I suppose those people think staff or someone in staff reads the forum and gets information to where it can do something. As best I can tell that does not happen. If you want your voice heard, here are some tips for getting that to happen.  Read More »

Even if you are not an Imprudence user this is an important read.

The Imprudence team has a new release of the Experimental (Imprudence beta) viewer out. The building tools in Imprudence continue to improve. Also the Imprudence site is doing a good job of listing the changes in each new release. Rather than repeat that information here I think I’ll just touch on the changes I find interesting.

The Imprudence Viewer download and information.  Read More »

My Ghost - Image by: mattwi1s0n @ Flickr




See this on new blog: I Can’t Log into Second Life

I cam across this tip in the SL blogrum.

Help! I messed up my sculpty-mesh

Gaia Clary, of, commented on the problem. Gaia does great tutorials and clear explanations.

Donations at are appreciated and split between Gaia and Domino.

SL Viewer 2.2

Avatar Menu

With the new 2.x viewers in Second Life lots has changed. Editing one’s appearance is one of the big changes. I have yet to decide of it is better or worse. Whichever, it certainly is different. This is my attempt to sort out how appearance works. I expect the viewer to change quite a bit over the next few weeks.

Getting into the Editor

In the 1.x viewers (SLV1) it was easy to find the editor, just right-click the avatar and select Edit Appearance. Everything is there. I guess it could be intimidating.

In the Second Life 2.x viewers (SLV2) the logic for getting into Appearance Edit changes. The process is more goals oriented. For techie types familiar with computers the idea that one wants to change a dress or their shape means look for an avatar editor. Less geeky types probably don’t think of looking for an avatar editor, they just want to change the dress. The Lab did usability testing and supposedly this was a significant problem. I just don’t know. Read More »

Update: 2010-09-30 – added tidbits of information – Update 2010-10-04 – added links

Second Life

Second Life Avatar Ghost

This problem seems to have become a recent epidemic. There are a number of reasons for why now. I suspect people are more interested in how to fix it and get their avatar rendered. Here is the information I have come across. Read More »

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Logo

LSL is the Linden Scripting Language. This is the scripting language used to program everything in Second Life. Advanced programmers are used to having libraries of code that can be used in several programs. No provision is made in Linden viewers to provide this feature. Emerald had a Preprocessor that provided programmers the feature. Phoenix has now added the feature.

Toy Wylie has added a section to the Second Life Wiki on what the feature is, how to setup, how it works, an explanation of the “optimized” nature of this preprocessor, and much more.

Find it here: Wiki: Phoenix LSL Preprocessor Info

Imprudence Viewer

Imprudence Logo

The newest release is: Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.04

The Imprudence team is changing the name of their Weekly Release to Experimental Release. They feel the term “Weekly Release” has some people thinking the Weekly is a required download and install, which it is not. The hope is this change will make it easy for new Imprudence Viewer users to tell the latest Stable Release from the Experimental Release. I have both but I actually use the Experimental most of time.

This release has several new features. See: Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.04 Viewer

Voice chat using Vivox is now part of the install. That makes voice chat on SL much easier. Read More »

I’ve Moved.

See: Second Life Lost Inventory and Missing Inventory Fix – Help @ Blog.Nalates.Net