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There is still more traffic on this almost abandoned blog than on the new active blog. There are three new posts there today.

Second Life Parcel Encroachment – scheduled for late in the day

Zindra Art Maze

Dolphin Viewer

Visit Nalates Blog

The article is about making clothes without seams… and doing it easily. Way easy. Check it out:

Multi-Chan Hax

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Yesterday was busy and lots of news from the Lab.

The Group Limit is 42 groups now. My post was updated several time during the day.

New posts today too. See:

Breaking news… see SL Region Crossing Upgrade

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I’ve been thinking of moving my blog for some time. has been great and worked like a charm. If you are thinking of trying your hand at blogging, I strongly recommend But, there are limits to what one can do with a free blog site. Plus in Real Life work I have been meaning to learn more about making WordPress Themes.

Over the holidays I decided to make a new blog. It is still Nalates’ Things and Stuff. I’m not changing my blogging, just how it looks and where it is hosted. After a long Saturday night, I think I have it working. In any event it is live now and I’m ready to go to bed.

I’ll be replacing articles here with links to the article in the new site. All new articles will be appearing in the new blog.

The new: Nalates’ Things & Stuff

Please let me know if you find something that is not working in the new blog.

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Happy New Year!

The previous Beta Release was Second Life 2.2.0 (210127). The current download is 211499. It is available here: Second Life Beta Viewer Download = direct to download. For the paranoid, this is the download page: Download Second Life Viewer 2.

The main download remains Second Life 2.1.1 (208043).

The changes, release notes, for the new beta version are not up, yet. But, they will appear here: Release Notes/Second Life Release/2.2.0.


Second Life Meshes

Blender Mesh


I could not make the Office Hours Meeting Thursday to hear the discussion on the coming Open Beta on Collada Meshes. I went through the transcript today. I’m excited. Here are the highlights.


It will be possible to make mesh clothes that move with the avatar. One will attach the mesh to the avatar skeleton. You’ll hear the skeleton referred to as an armature and attaching mesh to it referred to as rigging.  Read More »

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer Logo

On the 21st the Dolphin Viewer made the Third Party Viewer (TPV) List. Congrats. So, it is probably time to take a look at this viewer.

I like blue colors so I think the web site is pretty, Dolphin Viewer Web Site/Blog. Bug reports are to be made in the Dolphin Viewer Forum. The forum is new, so there is not much there. The Dolphin Viewer Download page has instructions for installation; it’s different so pay attention. Linux, Mac, and Windows versions are available. Source code is available; links are on the download page.

Warning: The developer can’t test Mac versions. So, you may find problems in the Mac version that are not visible to the developer. Your feedback would be helpful, if you’re into helping.

In the viewer’s ToS is the information that the Dolphin Viewer is based on Henri Beauchamp’s “Cool VL Viewer” and ported to the Snowglobe 1.4 code base. That makes this a Second Life Viewer 1 (SLV1) series viewer. Some of the dialogs still refer to the viewer as Snowglobe. Read More »

Second Life Viewer

KirstenLee Viewer 26

Sunday Kirsten released a new build. I was the 226th to download a copy… Kirsten’s viewer is about as bleeding edge as one can get. Her site has a warning to that affect. So, don’t jump on this viewer if you want perfection. It has been known to crash and have problems. However… problems seem to be quickly repaired.

Kirsten says this is a massive rebuild because of some foundation type problem. This version is described as a versions 2.1.0 beta viewer. This means it has voice morphing. If you have not heard about voice morphing see: Second Life Viewer 2.1 Alpha. Read More »

Linden Lab gets sued often enough. A recent one is from the maker of the Rez Tool for use with the Emerald viewer. See Weird in Emerald Viewer Fast Rez Tool.

But this new suit could touch us all. It could go class action. A serious attorney that has made his case before is in action. Over at Massively see: Evans et al vs Linden Lab: The new lawsuit on the block.

If you own or have owned land, currency, things, made products, and essentially in some way had ownership in something within SL, you will want to follow this law suit. The claim is LL has taken properties without due process. The attorney, Jason Archinaco, of Pribanic, Pribanic, and Archinaco LLC of Pittsburgh, has made this point before and LL settled out of court.

Those that have had accounts closed and lost money or other materials of value may recover some of that loss. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.