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Second Life

New Mesh Skirt

Update 2010-09-15after fold Update 2010-09-15 11:28 PM – Update 2010-09-16 – Details from Nyx Office Hours – 2010-09-17 – Update 2010-09-23 – Link to new Mesh Wiki Page

Wow! Oh wow! I thought this was a feature that was almost dead. I did not expect to hear another word on the subject this year. Here is whasup.

The current news out is the closed beta testers that have been under NDA, are now released from the NDA as part of the Lab’s new open door policy. They have started talking and posting videos. The Lab has a page up on their channel. See Second Life Channel Meshes – This is a play list, so you can see a bunch of videos.

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Updated 10:30 PM PDTVarious revisions and additions that change the tone and meaning of several points previously made.

Today there is a new post on the Emerald blog announcing the end of the Emerald Viewer, a final release version and then the coming blocking of the viewer by Linden Lab.

See: The End

It’s over. Bummer.

The current in progress viewer is going to be released. We can see what the team has developed and added. That should be interesting. But, they are hinting that at some future time LL will block Emerald Viewers. We have no idea when that may be or even that it is for sure.

Jessica Lyon posted her resignation from the Emerald team here: My Resignation from Emerald

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Paisley Beebe did an interview on Treet.TV (I can’t find a video link – Audio Link page down to the Update! Audio Recording of tonights Paisely Beebe show) with Jessica Lyon and Arabella Steadham, members of the Emerald Dev Team, Sunday night 2010-08-22 about 7:30 PM SLT.

Prior to the Emerald interview Keiko Takamura was interviewed and A couple of comments were made about Emerald-Gate. Apparently things got complicated in SL and Paisley had to move the interviews to a secret location. Keiko was surprised at the passion of people in regard to Emerald, sort of an, OMG, they have pitchforks! — If you have not heard Keiko’s music, check it out.

Emerald Viewer Emerald Interview

Starting out we learn Arabella Steadham, the communication manager for Emerald, resigned Saturday (Friday?) Night… It seems she resigned because she was asked to lie. She could no longer work in the environment. (It is hard to say exact times things happened because of Arabella being on the other side of the Date Line from Linden Lab). After resigning and during an emotional period she met with Fractured and others of the Emerald team. They decided they could save Emerald. But, Fractured would have to give up control. They asked him to resign and turn over control. It took Fractured a bit of time but he agreed and the servers were turned over to Arabella and Fractured posted his resignation. Read More »

New World Notes put up a link to a recoding of Phillip’s keynote address to SLCC; Philip Rosedale Offers Second Life Roadmap

The camera work is absolutely horrible. The sound is very good.

I made an index of the speech as I listened. This should help you find the items in which you are interested. Read More »

Updates at end of article.

On July 13 a post appeared on the Emerald Modular blog. Concerning recent activities.. Sounded like a bit of drama. Not uncommon in connection with the Emerald Viewer.

Now another post appears. Recent News, August 14. Both of these seem like they are part of the ongoing drama we see related to virtual world and online communities. But then we start seeing other blogs and forums picking up the story and expanding on it. So, what is the story and who do we believe?

Trust Turns To Rust

Trust to Rust?

Another problem is that some of the detractors of Emerald are lose wing nuts. That has to a great degree numbed the community to complaints about the Emerald viewer and dev team. This latest scandal is more fact based than drama based. There seems to be a real problem. Read More »

Update: 2010-08-14 (at end of article) – I’m depressed. Gwyneth Llewelyn wrote Good-bye, meshes! Gwyneth works in the RL virtual worlds service fields and apparently has contacts among the Lindens. She writes about the status of the supposed coming Collada meshes. Seems they may not just be delayed but canceled for the foreseeable future. Bummer. (Her blog changed appearance, a nice new look.)

Second Life Dying

Is Second Life Dying?

Gwyneth describes why this is likely to become a major disadvantage for Second Life’s ability to compete with other virtual worlds. I think it is so important that it may mean the end of SL, not tomorrow or next year, but… Read More »

Second Life Search Blog Article

Second Life Search Blog Article

If you have been wondering about Second Life Search and why all the squawking about search… then read Where, Oh Where Has My Little Store Gone? by Darrius Gothly. It is well written and easily understood. Read More »

(Update 2010-08-10) After Phillip Rosedale’s July 30th meeting many of us, while cautious, were more optimistic about the future of SL. Many things in this latest round of layoffs are puzzling and shaking our optimism. But, none are more puzzling and disconcerting than the layoff of Qarl after the 30th meeting. In this article I’m writing about what I have learned about issues in and changes coming to SL and comparing Phillip’s talk with his walk.

Much of what was said Friday the 30th comes under questioning with the subsequent layoff of Qarl. The reason for that is the contribution Qarl was making to SL. How can a company that has a highly productive employee, that apparently consistently solves complex problems with innovative solutions, be released if the company is about fixing problems? This is sort of like a coach with the best pitcher in the league claiming he is going to concentrate on a pitching game and then trading off the pitcher… everyone is going, “WTF?” Read More »

On Friday July 30, 2010 Phillip Rosedale, Second Life founder, held an in world meeting to talk about the new direction and focus of Second Life and what residents can expect. RL work kept me away. I’m reading the blogs to see what went on and what people think. I wrote my reaction to some of those posts, then watched the meeting’s video. This article starts out some of my thoughts in reaction to others comments. After the title After the Video I provide a point by point summary with time marks on the video . So if you are interested in a single topic you can see if it is in the video and jump to the right spot in the video.

See the Meeting

First, you can see the video of the meeting on See: Inworld Meeting with Philip Linden and BK Linden – It runs an hour long. Massively and New World Notes link to it. Massively’s   Tateru Nino provides an analysis of the event. In this case I read analyses  before watching the video. Sort of gives me something to listen for and relate things to. I provided time marks so you can watch just the parts pertinent to you.

Transcript is available on Read More »

Blender 2.53

Blender 2.53 Released

July 22 Blender 2.53 Beta was released. This is the version with the radically new user interface. (See image) This new interface is going to take some getting used to. It is available for Windows 32 & 64, Mac OS X, Linux 32 & 64 and Solaris. Read More »